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Panchgani is the quintessential residential hill station with an old world charm. This can be seen in the architecture of the British buildings, the Parsi houses and the boarding houses that have been around for a century or more. For glimpses of a vanished era, a special visit can be arranged to some of the old British and Parsi homes.



Photo Credit: Akhilesh Dasgupta


Destination Facts:

Location: Maharashtra, District Satara
Altitude: 1334 Meters
Temperature: (Summer 20 to 37°C) & (Winter 8 to 32°C).

Languages Spoken: Marathi, Hindi.

Getting There:
Nearest Airports: Pune airport is the nearest
Main Railway Station: Kolhapur is nearest railway station
Main Bus Station or Road: Bus service and taxi services and also Private vehicles are there to reach Panchgani from Mumbai and Pune.

Distance of a few Major Towns from Panchgani:
Mumbai-185km, Dhule-149km, Pune-202km, Solapur-445km, Thane-142km, Surat-235km.

Eating Around:
Vada Pav, Sabunada Khichdi, Misal Pav, Pohe are some famous dishes found here.

Places of Tourist Interest:

Kamalgad Fort:
The square shaped fort is also known as lotus fort, Kattalgad fort and Bhelanja fort. The city and provides an exquisite view of verdant green vegetation.

Rajpuri Caves:
These ancient caves are surrounded by many water kunds (ponds). Devotees believe that taking bath in these holy kunds will provide relief from all kinds of diseases and evils. Legends claim that the holy Ganges also flows into these kunds.

Parsi Point:
Parsi Point is a renowned picnic spot lies on the Mahableshwar road in Panchgani. It offers panoramic views of picturesque Dhom Dam backwaters and the lush green Krishna valley.

Parsi Point- Panchghani

                           Parsi Point- Panchghani

A picturesque and naturally well designed landscape is an eye feasting valley in quaint hill resort Panchgani. Sherbaug thrives with a wonderful children's park and a beautiful rose garden.

Tableland has been credited with the privilege of being Asia's second longest mountain Plateau. Tableland provides a natural protection for the Panchgani from strong winds, heavy rains and it helps Panchgani to keep its ambience enjoyable for tourists. Table land serves as a great sports and games place for children and young.
Lord Karthikeya temple- The temple is dedicated to Lord Karthikeya (Lord Muruga, Son of Lord Shiva). Rajpuri caves got the religious importance due to this famous temple. Thaipooyam festival during January-February month is celebrated here with lots of enthusiasm. Thousands of devotees visit this temple during this period.

Is a popular sport tourists can enjoy in Panchgani. Various local adventure operators are available on the table land where this sport can be enjoyed. The charge is around Rs 1500 for a 15 minute indulgence. All the requisite training and necessary gears are provided by the trainers.


                              Paragliding in Panchghani

Located at the banks of Krishna River, is a pristine city nearby Panchgani. Wai is blessed with imposing seven Ghats known as Gangapuri, Madhi Aali, Ganpati Aali, Dharmapuri, Brahmanshahi, Ramdoh and Bhimkund.

Getting around the Destination:
The best way of transportation is Rickshaw.

Shopping Areas & Entertainment:
One can buy exquisite handicrafts, leather goods, fruit items, bakery products, bags, slippers, wooden handicrafts, food items including jam, jellies, candies and honey, fruit crushes, marmalades, jams and fruit drink concentrates.

Best time to Visit:
September to May is the best time to visit the destination.

Relish some lip-smacking strawberry delicacies at the interesting Strawberry Festival, which is held in the month of March.