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Mysore is the Karnataka's second biggest city, situated in Southern India. It was the erstwhile capital of the Wodeyar dynasty and is considered the cultural capital of the state. Mysore is the second cleanest city in India and one of the well-planned ones. The people of Mysore are famous for their peaceful attitude and helpful nature. Tourism is the major industry. Mysore depends mainly on rail and bus transport for inter-city connections. The city was the location of the first private radio station in India. Mysore houses Mysore University, which has produced several notable authors, particularly in the field of Kannada literature. 



Photo Credit: Ramnath Bhat


Destination Facts:

Location: Karnataka, District: Mysore.
Altitude: 763 m (2,503 ft)
Area: 128.42 sq km, (49.58 sq mi)
Temperature: (summer 22 to 39°C) & (winter 13 to 31°C)
Languages spoken: Kannada, Malayalam, Tulu.

Getting there:

Nearest Airports: While as Mysore has its airport called Mandakalli Airport it is more of a regional Airport and the nearest major airport is Bangalore at 139 km.
Main Railway Station: The nearest rail is Bangalore
Main Bus Station or Road Direct: Every half an hour there is a nonstop bus facility from Banglore is provided.

Distance of a few Major Towns from Mysore:
Chumundipuram-3km, Nagarhole-81km,Bhimeshwari-85km, Dubare-99km, Ooty-126km.

Eating Around:
Multi – Cuisine, but special varieties Non – vegetarian food

Places of Tourist interest:

Balmuri Falls:
Is developed an ideal picnic spot and is located at a distance of 11 km from the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary. Balmuri falls is a man-made reservoir which has been constructed across river Cauvery. It is not a huge waterfall but an ideal place for those who love to play in the water. This is a hot spot among South Indian film makers, as many Kannada movies have also been shot at this spot.

  Balmuri Falls

                                            Balmuri Falls-Mysore

Mysore Palace:
One of the most magnificent buildings located in the heart of the city is the Mysore Palace.. Paintings and architectural beauty decorate the hall. The palace is a fantabulous assemblage of Indo-Saracen architecture. The palace gives clean evidence that a royal structure existed during the period of Yaduraya and Krishnaraya.

Dariya Daulat Bagh:
It is an Indo-Muslim structure built of Teak. It is the Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan. This monument was built in the year 1784. This wooden palace is set among groomed lawns and flowerbeds. It looks modest from outside. This is because the most part of the palace is hidden from sight by green shades.
The rich paintings on the walls and the elaborate interiors leave the visitor enraptured.

It is the burial chamber of Tipu Sultan, it is built on a lifted platform and is circumvented by various other tombs of his relatives and nobles. The Gumbaz has magnificent ebony doors decorated with ivory which was presented by Lord Dalhousie. The interior walls are covered with lacquer Tiger stripes which is Tipu's favourite. A corridor lined by pillars of black amphibole walls Gumbaz.
Masjid-e-aksa a mosque is situated next to the Gumbaz. The Gumbaz is surrounded by a beautiful gardens adds to its beauty.

  Gumbaz Mysore

                                               Gumbaz Mysore

Getting around the destination:
Continues Bus, Minibus, and tourist buses Facility is provided to get around the destination in Mysore

Shopping Areas & Entertainment:
Woolens, Jackets, Small Souvenir, Curio, Wine, Bokhu and Carpets famous things to shop

Best time to Visit:
October to March is the best time to visit.

Dasara Festival, Vairamudi Festival, Ugadi Festival