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Murud is a dive deep into the ocean of tranquility at Murud a peaceful fishing village with pretty seashore. Murud is lovely beach is edged with swaying betel palms, coconut fronds and groves of casuarinas. A holiday and honeymoon destination with a difference, the beach town of Murud will definitely sweep you off your feet.



Photo Credit: Ishan Manjrekar


Destination Facts:

Location: Maharashtra, District Raigarh
Altitude: 159 Meters
Temperature: (Summer 23 to 35°C) & (winter 13 to 33°C)
Languages Spoken: Marathi, Hindi and English

Getting There:
Nearest Airport: Mumbai airport is the nearest
Main Railway Station: Roha and Panvel is the nearest railway station
Main Bus Station or Road: Bus service and taxi services and also Private vehicles are there,

Distance of a few Major Towns from Murud:

Panvel- 109km, Roha-38m, Khandala- 120km, Khopoli-120km, Lonavala-124km, Mumbai-148km.

Eating Around:

Fish dried, pickled or in curry and Patil Khanaval is famous

Places of Tourist Interest:

Ahmedganj Palace
The palace grounds hold a marvelous mosque and the tombs of the previous rulers. A mixture of mugal and gothic style architecture makes the palace an elegant mansion.

Garambi Dam
The dam is situated on the backdrop of lush vegetation. The chirping of birds, sweet sound of the gushing water and all around greenery, the nature surrounds the dam is at its very best. Truly the dam site is a scenic valley to be visited.

Gol Gumbaz:
Seven storied towers of octagonal shape support the corners of this fantastic monument. The sound system in the dome is so designed that it reverberate even a murmuring sound return back to the person exactly nine times.

Janjira Fort:
Being lashed away by the salt water for a long, much of Janjira fort has been putrefied and rotten. But the fort still remains with the same glory and grandeur.

                                               Janjira Fort 

   Janjira Fort

              Photo Credit: JWR WEATHERLEY           

Kasa Fort (Padmadurg Fort):
Padmadurg Fort commemorates the repeated failure attempts of the mighty Marathas regime against the tiny Siddis. Padmadurg fort which is now called as Kasa fort, spilt in to three by the ravage of time and now it is not accessible to the public. Ruins of this great fort can be seen from the seashore.

Garambi Falls:
It is very fun to have soak and drench oneself in this amazing gift of the nature. Another interesting aspect of this waterfall is that, its water is supposed to be very pure and one can even drink water from it. Garambhi waterfalls are bounded by woody forest and the surroundings offer a panoramic view.

    Garambi Falls

                                            Garambi Falls

Murud Beach:
The vast expansion of white sandy beach and the crystal clear bluish water Murud is a delight for water enthusiasts. Fenced by the green palm trees, this pristine beach arose the imagination of any visitor.

The earthy and calm beach of Nandgaon has all the sizzles of a typical beach. The pollution free environment of this pristine beach is an emerging tourist attraction in Murud. A virgin beach surrounded by sloping hills is marvelous scenery. A typical beach and a pilgrim center, Nandgaon offers the unique opportunity of relaxation in the midst of holiness.

Getting around the Destination:

The best way of transportation is three wheeler Rickshaw.

Shopping Areas & Entertainment:

Barfi and some coconut chikki are famous and also Masalas are special in Murud.

Best Time To Visit:
October to June is the best time to visit the destination.