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Mount Abu


Simple beauty, delicately styled temples, incarnation of the natural beauty - Mount Abu is one of the renowned Jain pilgrimage locations in India and is the only hills station in the state of Rajasthan, India. Mount Abu, the oasis among the deserts in Rajasthan, is located a height of 1220 meters from sea level and is enclosing a serene and beautiful lake. It is placed at the pinnacle of a granite table peak on Aravalli ranges and is surrounded by thickly populated green forests. The cool and fragrant ambience with rich flora in Mount Abu attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Mount Abu

Photo Credit: Andreas Kleemann


Destination Facts:

Location: Rajasthan, District Sihori
Altitude: 1220 Meters
Temperature: (summer 32 to 45°C) & (winter 12°C)
Languages spoken: English, Hindi and Rajasthani

Getting there:

Nearest Airports: Udaipuris nearest airport
Main Railway Station: Abu Road has the railway station.
Main Bus Station or Road: Public and Private Transport facilities are there to reach Mount Abu .

Distance of a few Major Towns from Mount Abu:
Ahmadabad- 225km, Jaipur- 475km is the nearby cities.

Places of Tourist interest:

Achalgarh is an imposing cute village nearby Rajmachi. This exquisite location is renowned for two major attractions the Achalgarh fort and the Achaleshwar Mahadeo placed interior to the fort. Achalgarh fort, built by Rana Kumbha of Mewar Dynasty during the 14th century temple, is built for watching the movements of enemies and also to have a watch over the surrounding places. The fort with a semicircular arch at the entrance encloses many temples including 15th century Achaleswar Mahadev Temple and 16th century Kantinath temple.

Toad Rock:
Toad Rock is a mammoth rock structure in Mount Abu hanging over the south of calm and cool Nakki Lake. This is the best attractive rock formation found in the regions of Mount Abu. This rock by view seems to be overlooking the whole lake. People can climb up to the top of the Toad rock and can view the panoramic beauty of the surrounding lake and greenish hilly regions from the top of the rock.

  Toad Rock

                                             Toad Rock-Mount Abu

Guru Shikhar:
The adventurous trek can take the tourist to the top of the peak. One can get eye catching panoramic view of surrounding sylvan region. The cool climate and serene environments make the peak a much sought place for seclusion. An ancient temple dedicated to Guru Dattatreya, the incarnation of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

Nakki Lake:
There are some rock formations around the lake, which is an attraction for rock climbing. Boating facilities in Lake offer an enjoyment boating time in the serene lake.

Wildlife Sanctuary:
This sanctuary is a natural habitat of many species of wild animals and birds fauna. The flora and fauna of these wild forests are very attractive and mind blogging for nature lovers and animal and bird lovers. The sanctuary offers shelter to many animals like bears, foxes, wild boar, panthers and sambar deer. It also has varieties of birds including the rare grey jungle fowls.

Adhar Devi Temple:
The major attraction is the large number of steep steps to reach the temple premises. There were about 365 steps, each represent a day, to cover for reaching the sacred location of Goddess Durga. The temple is built under the rock and devotees have to take a bend to cross the temple entry. The temple is one of the main pilgrimage locations in Mount Abu.

Dilwara Temples:
The temples impress the visitors with its simple beauty, glossy appearance, delicate style and master craft of Jain architecture mixed with mewar style of constructions. The temples are adorned with many sculptures and inscriptions as well. The temples are now the major Jain religious attraction in the state of Rajasthan.

  Dilwara Temples

                                   Dilwara Temple-Mount Abu

Doodh Baori:
Doodh Baori is a well located at the foot step of the Adhar Devi temple. Doodh Baori is considered as a sacred well with milk colored water. It is believed that this well is the main source of milk for the heavenly world, for gods and goddesses. It is believed that the water in the well has many miraculous powers. The view of the temple from the premises of Doodh Baori looks like a small tower at the pinnacle of the mount.

Sunset Point:
The eye catching view of the sunset, setting behind the forest ranges of the Mount Abu peaks is amazing for any nature loving tourist. One can get a spectacular panoramic view of the mountain ranges and the beautiful lake from this point. One can see huge crowds at this spot during evenings, to enjoy the multicolor sky and the sun in the horizon.

  Sunset Point Mount Abu

                                          Sunset Point Mount Abu

Getting around the destination:
The best way of transportation is Rickshaw, Private and Public Bus.

Shopping Areas & Entertainment:
Kota saris, linen with Sanganeri prints, light weight quilt from local shops or emporiums. The sandalwood and sandstone products are equally popular. Leather items and artifacts carved out of stones, handicrafts and show pieces made of wood, marble and metal are some other things to shop here.

February to June is the best time to visiy the destination.
Gangaur Festival is held in March- April
In the month of May, the Summer Festival is held with pomp and gaiety.
Three-day Winter Festival is held in December.