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Kumarakom is a unique destination that epitomizes the natural beauty of the region. Kumarakom comprises a small town sitting on the edge of a collection of small islands that are connected by what's known as the backwaters of Kerala. These interconnecting waterways feature canals, lakes and rivulets that are rich in natural life and provide picturesque scenery, as well as supporting a large collection of wildlife species.



Photo Credit: Dhruvaraj S


Destination Facts:

Location: Kerala, In District Kottayam
Altitude: 1660 Meters
Temperature: (summer 20 to 37°C) & (winter 18 to 32°C)
Languages spoken: Malayalam and English

Getting there:

Nearest Airports: Cochin is the nearest airport
Main Railway Station: The nearest railway station is Kottayam
Main Bus Station or Road: KSRTC buses are plenty from Kottayam to reach Kumarakom.

Distance of a few Major Towns from Kumarakom:
Kottayam-12km, Ettumanur-23km, Alleppey-38km, Triruvalla-38km.

Eating Around:
Sambar (vegetable stew), aviyal (thick vegetable stew with curd and coconut), Kaalan (similar to avial), theeyal (similar to sambhar), thoran (dry dish made of pea, jackfruit, carrot or cabbage), injipully(, pulisherry, appam (bowl shaped think pancakes), kappa (tapioca), puttu (steam cake), and puzhukku.

Places of Tourist interest:

Bay Island Driftwood Museum:
This museum showcases a sole collection of quality driftwood articles which holds high artistic values, prepared through an innovative modern art technique. The museum also has various roots and tree trunk sculptured in unique forms and designs. The sculptures in the museum are the transformed driftwood pieces, comprising of twisted tree trunks, stumps, roots etc.

These numerous water ways make up what is known as the Backwaters. Tourists love to rent a houseboat here. Each houseboat commonly contains a living room, one bedroom, a bathroom, and a deck too. A local oarsman will pole the houseboat for you as you explore the beautiful scenery in the region.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary:
A large variety of different birds can be found at the sanctuary at any given time. Numerous migratory birds even from places like Siberia visit the sanctuary. It is common to see golden-backed woodpeckers, night herons, kingfishers, paradise fly-catchers and egrets. The entire area was established by the government of India in an effort to preserve the natural habitat of both native plants like mandrakes and coconut trees and various birds.

Getting around the destination:
KSRTC buses are available all over Kerala

Shopping Areas & Entertainment:
Kumarakom include metal-ware, camel-bone carvings, wood carvings, articles made of coconut shell, bamboo and cane, embroidered screw-pine (pandanas palm) mats, grass mats, and various other types of handicrafts items, various antique items, jewelry, readymade garments, and ethnic hand-woven textiles, fresh and aromatic spices which are also easily available in the local markets, fresh and aromatic spices.

Best time to Visit:
October to March is the best time to visit the destination.

Erumeli Petta Thullal is an annual event held in January
Onam in August is a grand affair in Kumarakom