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Harihareshwar is a tourist destination located in the Konkan coast in Maharashtra and is renowned for it's tranquility and picturesque beach. This place is also known as Dakshin Kashi by virtue of it's importance in the spiritual arena of India, especially with an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Harihareshwar, as the name suggest is an abode of Lord Shiva.
The city Shrivardhan nearby to Harihareshwar is connected to the city by sea as well. The tourists who would like to experience and who enjoy travel by water can opt for the boat ride to reach Harihareshwar from Shrivardhan. Shrivardhan town itself does have many beaches (It's a Peninsula) - also there are other beautiful beach destinations nearby . People from across Maharashtra come to Shrivardhan and the nearby beaches all round the year. It was a well known place for traders in the past. Harihareshwar attracts big crowds to it's serene beach with calm cool breezes and many tourists select this as a vacation destination to spend a few days, away from the busy world. Truly in all sense Harihareshwar is a place of beauty with the pleasant ambience, temples, beach and dense woods.



Photo Credit: Nagraj Salian


Destination Facts:

Location: Maharashtra, District Raigad
Altitude: 0 Meter
Temperature: (Summer 23 to 38°C) and (Winter 16 to 26°C)
Languages Spoken: Marathi, Hindi and English.

Getting There:

Nearest Airport: The Chattrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai is the nearest International Airport to Harihareshwar.
Main Railway Station: Mangaon is the nearest rail head to Harihareshwar.
Main Bus Station or Road: There are many direct bus facilities provided by the government from Mumbai and Pune.

Distance of a Few Major Towns from Harihareshwar:
Mumbai- 205km, Pune -130km

Eating Around:
Being a beach town, seafood is easily available. There are many restaurants that serve authentic local coastal food. Punjabi cuisine is also available.

Places of Tourist Interest:

Harihareshwar beach:
It is the main attraction in Harihareshwar. The beach is extremely good for an elegant stay enjoying the natural beauty in a happy vacation holidays. The Harihar hill on the sea shore adds to the attraction of the beach. Solitude seeking tourists can make a visit to the Harihareshwar beach and have a unique experience there . The enthusiastic tourists can have a journey through the water by small boats available in the beach.

Kondivali Beach:
The beaches along Shrivardhan are marvelous and the adventure sports available at the Kondivali beach are out of this world. The long soft white sand beach has been remarkably spruced up to realise the dreams of every water sports adventure buff. The adventure doesn't start at the beach actually; one has the option of trekking down the lovely cliffs of Shrivardhan.

Ganesh Gully:
It is believed that at the end of the culvert, there is a holy niche, a place where Lord Ganesh Idol is placed. The niche is about 30 feet under water and it is assumed that during the tidal periods one can observe the Ganesh idol placed perfectly at the niche. Many tourists visit this place to have a glimpse of the Ganesh Idol. The place Ganesh gully itself is in the backdrop of natural beauty and calm smoothening winds.

Somaja Devi Temple:
We encounter the Shankar Temple. This ancient Mahadev (Shankar) Mandir is devoted to Lord Shiva and his Goddess wife Parvati. The temple has an ancient look and is believed to be as old as Srivardhan. The royal Bull Nandi guards his master inside by blocking the entrance to the temple. The idols of the Lord, his wife Parvati and Nandi the bull are wonderfully sculpted.

Getting Around The destination:

Since Harihareshwar is a very small town, tourists can opt to walk within the town in order to see the various places of interest. Government buses are available in around town and these are the cheapest option. Auto rickshaws are also a main mode of local transportion and they are available extensively.

Shopping Areas & Entertainment:

There is no much scope of shopping at this place. But Devotes can buy a collection of small pendants depicting the symbols related to the Hindu God and Goddesses.

Best time to visit:
The best time to visit this place is between the months of October and March.

The Kalbhairav Jayanti Utsav (Festival on Birthday of Deity Kalbhairav) is celebrated here.