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Kochi is one of the most popular cities in Kerala, and is often referred as the Gateway to Kerala. Kochi is one of the most historically rich places in India. as well, since the city has been under the rule of multitudinous dynasties like the Arabs, the Chinese, the British, the Dutch, and the Portuguese. This city was the first European colonial settlement in all of India. Kochi played a pivotal role in the development of shipping and trade in the region. Kochi's prime location on the west coast, its fine bay and protected harbor made it popular with seafarers and merchant ships who made frequent stops to stock up on spices, coffee and wood. En route to the rich markets of Europe and West Asia. and so down the ages, Kochi prospered as a busy port city and commercial centre.

                                                       Marine Drive Kochi

Marine Drive Kochi

Destination Facts:

Location: Kerala, In District Ernakulam
Altitude: 0 Meters
Area: 94.88sq km
Temperature: (summer 24 to 37°C) & (winter 17 to 33°C)
Languages spoken: Malayalam, English, Hindi and Tamil

Getting there:

Nearest Airports: Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport.
Main Railway Station: Ernakulum Junction is the nearest station.
Main Bus Station or Road: KSRTC buses are plenty which are connecting all the major cities of Kerala.

Distance of a few Major Towns from Kochi:

Ernakulam-8km, Idaplli-16km, Merarikulam-40km, Kottayam-63km, Alleppey-53km.

Eating Around:

Meen Molagitta Curry (smoked freshwater fish with chilly and coconut milk), Kurukku Kalan (a thick yogurt curry with toasted banana and hot rice), Palada (a sweet dessert with rice flakes and milk) are the mail main dishes of Kochi.

Places of Tourist interest:

Bolgatty Palace:
The Old Dutch palace is located on Bolgatty Island which is a brief boat ride away from the mainland. In fact, boat rides are available at regular intervals all day long. This The Old Dutch building may have been a royal palace in the past, but in modern times it has been converted into a very good quality hotel. There are also panoramic views of the port and the harbor from almost any vantage point on the island. The breathtaking views make the Bolgatty Palace a popular picnic spot as well.

   Bolgatty Palace Cochin

Bolgatty Palace-Cochin

Greenix Village:
Every morning, the centre also conducts yoga training. In the Greenix Village, there is also an art gallery restaurant, a curio shop, book shop and rooms for those who like to stay and interested in researching as well as learning the art form of Kerala. It is a great place to experience the culture and tradition of Kerala.

Jewish Synagogue:
This place of worship attracts numerous visitors every year because of its impressive furnishings. There are splendid Chinese tiles and impressive Belgian chandeliers that have been used to decorate throughout the entire synagogue.

This small city is the birthplace of the famous Hindu philosopher Sri Adi Sankaracharya. The Adi Sankara shrine and the 8-story painted Adi Sankara Keerthi Sthambam are popular sites to visit in the area. The location of Adi Sankara shrine is on the bank of the river Periyar. Samadhi of is the mother of Aryamaba, Sankaracharya is also enclosed in the temple. Sankaracharya's story is told with the help of the paintings found on the walls inside at the monument of Adi Sankara Keerthi Sthambam.

Mattancherry Palace (Dutch Palace):
The main attractions here of the Dutch Palace are the outstanding collection of mural paintings found inside. These murals beautifully depict scenes from the Hindu epics of Mahabharatha and Ramayana. The paintings are colorful and artistic in their representation and are truly remarkable to look at.

Parishath Thampuran Museum:
This museum was built in the traditional Kerala architectural style. This particular museum contains collections of 19th century oil paintings, sculptures, old coins, exhibits from the Cochin Royal family ,and Mughul paintings. Every one of these items is worth witnessing in its own right and tourists from all over the country come here to get a glimpse into the rich and cultural history of those eras.

Cherai Beach:
This 15 km long stretch of beautiful sandy beach is lined by luscious green coconut groves and paddy fields. The combination of white sand, blue waters, and green vegetation makes this a wonderful place for. In fact, this The beautiful beach is extremely popular with picnickers as well as sun worshippers and beach lovers.

    Cherai Beach

Cherai Beach

Fort Kochi:
Fort Kochi is a region in the city of Kochin in the state of Kerala, . This is part of a handful of water-bound regions toward the south-west of the mainland Kochi, and collectively known as Old Kochi or West Kochi.

Willingdon Island:
Willingdon Island is a man-made island that was created in 1933. The island is made by sand that was dredged while deepening the backwaters for the Cochin Port. Sir Robert Bristow was the man that was in charge of this endeavor. It was named after Lord Willingdon who was a former British Viceroy of India. This island is the home of the Cochin Port as well as the headquarters of the Southern Naval Command. Today, the island is the site of the city's best hotels and trading centers.

St Francis Church:
The famous Portugal trader Vasco Da Gama was buried in this church.

Getting around the destination:

Auto rickshaws, taxies and KSRTC bus service are found here for local places to visit.

Shopping Areas & Entertainment

One can buy Antiques, Arts and Handicrafts.

Best time to Visit:

October to March is the best time to visit the destination.


Malabar Mahotsav is one of the primary festivals in the month of January.
Jalotsavam is held during the months of August and September.
Shivratri Utsav is celebrated in the month of October.