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Bhaderwah-Experience Love at First Glance

Have you ever heard of another Kashmir within Kashmir? If not then you haven't seen the enchanting town of Bhadarwah. This mesmerizing town is so beautiful that you will fall in love with it at the first glance. Popularly known as "Mini Kashmir" this breathtaking town has an exotic forest and small streams flowing through its various parts. What's more when you visit the main market of this town you can view the spectacular Halyan River. Visit Bhaderwah and be the first ones to boast about its breathtaking beauty to your family and friends.



How to Reach:

By Train:

The main railhead for Bhadarwah is Jammu Tawi (205 kms) where trains arrive from Delhi, Calcutta, Pune, Mumbai, Kanyakumari, Ahmedabad, etc. Recently train service has started till Udhampur (120 kms). 

By Road:

The journey to Bhadarwah is entertaining and thrilling. The journey can be divided into three logical parts: Road connecting Bhadarwah with Jammu, is a good, all-weather road with several sharp inclines and hairpin bends. All the roads are maintained by the Border Roads Organization (BRO), which clears the road of any obstructions resulting from natural causes like landslides and heavy snowfall. Deluxe busses are operated by J&K SRTC as well as other private transport agencies.

Places to Visit:

Chinta Valley
Chinta a picturesque valley located at a height of 6,500 feet, has thick coniferous forests on all sides and Chinta nallah flowing through it. Many scenic spots are situated around this place. One such place is known as Thuba, which is situated across Chinta nallah. Horse ride from Baggan to Thuba is enjoyable. Thuba is the highest point which separates the Chinta valley from Bhadarwah.This place also has ancient temple of Lord Shiva.

Nalthi is 10 kms. from Bhadarwah which serves as a base camp for trekkers. It has come a junction point with the completion of Bhadarwah-Bani-Basholi road.Trekkers from Sarthal (Bani) and Bhadarwah take rest at this beautiful place after descending from or ascending to 10,500 feet high. Apart from dense deodar forests, it has been gifted with lushgreen patches of grasslands studded with blooming flowering plants of different colours. The cool breeze flowing across snow-clad mountains makes the place all the more fascinating in summer months.

Sartingal is another unexplored area situated on the southern extreme of Bhadarwah Valley. Sunshine on the one hand and the fragrant breeze from Kailash, Ashapati hills Sartingal and neighbouring forests on the other, make the place different from other spots.

Khani Top
Khani Top is situated 25 kms. from Bhadarwah.Trekkers would also find it a convenient launching site for expedition to Ashapati peak on the border with Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. Amidst greenery, it offers a treasure of scenic, splendour, especially during sun-set and sun-rise.

Padri is a "Gali" of undulating landscape, located 40 kms. from Bhadarwah on Bhadarwah Chamba road, at a height of 10,500 feet. It is the highest point on Bhadarwah-Chamba road. It experiences heavy snow fall upto 5 metres and snow-melting continues right upto mid June. It is one of the most sought after picnic spot even now, and with the opening of interstate bus service between Bhadarwah and Chamba, its importance will increase. 

Chota Kashmir Bhaderwah

Photo Credit - Vinod Madhok

Seoj Meadow
If Gulmarg and Pahalgam are jewels of "Paradise" on earth, Seoj Meadow is diamond in the crown of Bhadarwah, pride of Jammu region.The amazing beauty is found in plenty.

Jai Valley
Jai Valley is picturesque valley, 35 kms. from Bhadarwah. It is an extremely beautiful valley spread over 6 kms. Another extremely beautiful valley spread over 6 kms. Another nearby attraction is a beautiful sprawling meadow.

Best Time to Visit:

Bhaderwah experiences a cool and pleasant climate throughout the year. The best time to visit here is between March and November. Snowfall during winter months November to April is common here.