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Alwar, a city of majestic monuments and panoramic destinations captivates the tourist with its alluring appeal. This small town, imbibed in the rich cultural heritage provides a great time for a good holiday. Naturally adorned with pretty water bodies and abundant wild life this has always been listed as one of the prominent locations in the tourist's itineraries. One among the mesmerizing feature of this picturesque town is the alluring journey in the fairy queen through the length and breadth of the town. The gorgeous valleys and stunning façades look more marvelous when watched through the minuscule glass windows of the moving train.

City Palace Alwar

City Palace Alwar

Photo Credit: Kristin Blancke

Destination Facts:

Location: Rajasthan , District Alwar
Altitude: 268 Meters
Temperature: (summer 32 to 45°C) & (winter 5 to 28°C)
Languages spoken: Marwari, Jaipuri, Mewati, Hindi and English

Getting there:

Nearest Airport: Jaipur Airport is the nearest airport.
Main Railway Station: Alwar itself has a railway station.
Main Bus Station or Road: Alwar is well-connected to all cities in Rajasthan by state owned bus services.

Distance of a few Major Towns from Alwar:

Rajpur-40km, Bharatpur-113km, Gurgaon-138km, Jaipur-152km.

Places of Tourist interest:

Bala Quila:
The ancient Hindu scriptures, the Puranas, dictate that a fort depicts the strength of a king. Bala Quila embodies this old saying and it represents the mighty and valor of the Rajput rulers. The all-embracing fortifications extend to a large area and within that expansion we can see so many minarets and fabulous mansions.

City Palace:
An architectural marvel, which blends the Mugal and Rajasthani styles, Vinay Vilas Palace is a must see spectacle in Alwar. It is placed just below the fort. The building is a perfect example of Indo Islamic architecture. The prehistoric city of Alwar is settled at the slopes of the Aravalli Hills has converted into a crowded trade center in recent times.

City Palace Museum:
This encompasses one of the superb compilations of Rajput and Mughal paintings and objects made from ivory, jade, and silver. These artifacts are the true testimonials of the prosperity of Alwar kings. The objects on display include a silver dining table with lion's legs and ivory, Brass and pottery sections presents finest artistic talents from Multan, Srilanka, Jaipur and Bengal. Armory collections in the museum exhibit some of the precious artifacts like the sword of Akbar, Sultan Mohammad Ghori and Aurangzeb. Superb assortment of Rajput weapons is another attraction in the Museum.

Fateh Jung ka Gumbaj:
The cenotaph of this great combatant is well recognized as an artistic marvel. Fateh Jung ka Gumbaj is an impressive sepulcher with a colossal arena that displays a perfect mixture of Islamic and Hindu architectural trends. This five-storied structural splendor surpasses all the contemporary monuments.

Company Bagh:
Company Garden set adjacent to the Palace. It is quite amazing to see that such lustrous greenery situates in the sandiest region of the country. An awe-inspiring Chhatri with remarkable Bengali top and bends is placed in the midst of this verdant greenery.

  Company Bagh alwar

Company Bagh Alwar

Jai Samand Lake:
A large island in the middle of the lake with verdant grassland presents eye catching spectacle to all the visitors. These sprawling lawns were used to hold large parties by the ruling reign. The gushing waters in this artificial lake reflect its prettiness at its epitome during the monsoon .A panoramic location, Jai Samand lake serves as a perfect spot for angling and other water spots.

This beautiful lake houses some marvelous shrines and an array of gorgeous cenotaphs on its banks. These monuments along with the glittering waters of the lake present a rejuvenating environment to the spectators.

Siliserh Lake:
This Lake poses as an imposing backdrop to the Siliserh palace, which has been converted in to a heritage hotel. With a splendid regal palace, the lake has an inspiring mix of breathtaking beauty and architectural charisma.

  Siliserh Lake

Siliserh Lake

The sacred temple at Naldeshwar presents architectural grandeur. Bounded by abundant natural vista, this temple houses natural Shivalinga and its serenity are so great that one would really fell in love with this place. Apart from its structural grace the temple premises holds two natural bunds, which obtain water from the adjoining hills. The access to the temple itself is an alluring attraction, since it offers a lovely trek amidst lush greenery.

Getting around the destination:

Auto and cycle rickshaws and Tongas are available for moving around as there is no public transport here.

Shopping Areas & Entertainment:

Best buys are silver jewellery and handmade Rajasthani items. The terracotta statues, carpets, jutis, pottery work and bangles depict the rich culture of Rajasthan. The wafer-thin (kagzi) pottery is very famous in the city and originated in the city itself.

Best time to visit:

October to March is the best time to visit the destination.


The most famous festival in Alwar is the Alwar Festival that is the most popular event in Rajasthan and is held in the month of February each year.