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10 Best Luxury Wildlife Resorts in India

Dwell in perfect harmony with nature as Holidaymine takes you to the lands of India's enchanting wild. Get a taste of luxury in some of the most stunning wildlife resorts of India where the lion's roarrrrr and nature's dramatic orchestra gets ready to greet you as you enter the luxurious paradise of these stunning wildlife forest resorts. Get ready for some serious Roarrrrrriiing!

1. The  Oberoi Vanyavilas - Ranthambore

Spread across twenty acres of lush, landscaped garden, The Oberoi Vanyavilas is rich with indigenous plants and birds. It is situated just a stone’s throw away from Ranthambore National Park. The Oberoi Vanyavilas offers guests the opportunity to see Royal Bengal Tigers in their most natural habitat.

The Roarrring Factor

Stay in a Luxury Tent and be transported back to the times of the Raj, when caravans of royalty would rest overnight under magnificent shelters in the vast Rajasthani desert. From the top of their observation tower, you can admire panoramic views of the bordering jungle, spot wildlife at the nearby watering hole and sip champagne at sundown. Stroll around their torch-lit pathways in the evening and delight in the melodious chorus of frogs singing in its enchanting lily ponds. In the winter, the main hall of the restaurant becomes charmed by the open wood fireplace, while a bonfire, candles and folk musicians lend ambiance to the outside courtyard throughout the year. Private dining can be experienced in the verdant restaurant garden, breathtaking amphitheater or lush mango grove. Tea, board games, an aperitif or after dinner cognac can be enjoyed from the comfort of a sofa in the colonial style bar. Books about India's tigers are piled high on suede ottoman and bookshelves of leather-bound classics line the walls.Vanyavilas


2. Taj Banjaar Tola - Bandhavgarh

Banjaar Tola is situated along the banks of the Banjaar River, directly overlooking the heart of Kanha National Park. The lodge boasts two elegant camps of nine suites, each with its own intimate tented sitting area. Banjaar Tola has its own unique identity, celebrating the Bastar and Dogra art that hails from nearby Chattisgarh. 

The Roarrring Factor

The luxurious, yet lightweight, ensuite tents in Banjaar Tola have been designed in a contemporary style, with pressed bamboo wall panels, gorgeous bamboo floors and locally crafted furniture hewn from the timber of exotic Indian trees. Designed with a light footprint to protect the surrounding riverine environment, the 18 tented suites are set on raised platforms supported at only seven points on the ground. Wide glass doors open onto private decks overlooking the river, offering panoramic views of the wilderness beyond. You can discover the beautiful jungle of Kanha National Park and learn about the rich biodiversity of Central India from a trained naturalist. Banjaar Tola

 Banjaar Tola

3. The Bison Kabini Resort - Kabini

The Bison is situated at the confluence of the Bandipur and Nagarhole National Parks, on the shores of the exotic Kabini River in Karnataka. The Bison Kabini Resort is the first of its kind in India that offers luxury at the very edge of adventure.

The Roarrring Factor

The Bison is the only resort in Kabini which overlooks the forest. In an area which boasts of the highest density in Asiatic wildlife, one can only imagine what its view holds from the banks of the Kabini backwaters.  The resort is a mix between a typical East African camp and the old hunting lodges of the Raj. It is one of the few wildlife resorts in India which has created the perfect balance between luxury and experiencing the wild. Your safari in this resort will be in the Kakkankote Range which includes the backwaters of the Kabini, superb grasslands, lush bamboo, rosewood, sandalwood and teak forests with strategically placed water holes and salt licks. Excellent grazing grasslands ensure sightings of elephant, gaur, sambar, chital, wild dog and wild boar throughout the year from the camp. The tiger & leopard are sighted with regularity in the national park.Bison Resort-Kabini

4. Aman-i-Khás - Ranthambore

Aman-i-Khás is a wilderness camp located in a rugged brushwood forest on the fringes of Ranthambore National Park. Surrounded by the starkly beautiful Aravalli Hills, the camp provides access to the wildlife of Ranthambore National Park which measures a total of 1,334 square kilometers.

The Roarrring Factor

Aman-i-Khás offers accommodation in 10 luxury air-conditioned tents each with soaring canopies draped in the Moghul style. There are also three separate tents for dining, spa treatments and relaxing. A guided wildlife excursion takes guests into the park to spot indigenous wildlife which includes tigers, leopards, hyenas, sloth bears, crocodiles and chital deer.

Aman-i-khas Ranthambore

 Aman-i-khas ranthambore

5. Vythiri Resort -Wayanad

Vythiri resort is an exquisite eco-friendly jungle getaway in the heart of Wayanad wrapped in the lush embrace of a tropical rainforest. Quietly elegant and exclusive, the Vythri Resort is a state of mind with breathtaking vistas. Spread across either bank of a sprightly mountain stream that runs through the 150-acre property, the Vythiri Resort is a delightful jungle hideaway and a naturalist's treasure trove.

The Roarrring Factor

Days at Vythiri begin with the rousing melody of a Malabar Whistling Thrush. The forest comes alive with an orchestration of sounds and bands of foraging monkeys. You may choose to relax in their cottages, go for walks in the forest in the company of the resident naturalist, and swim in the freshwater pool. The accommodations are designed so as to provide residents an immediate experience of the surrounding sights and sounds. Available in configurations ranging from heady tree houses to cottages on stilts overlooking the stream and further downstream, cottages comprise of Jacuzzis, private pools, and a suite. A rope bridge across the stream leads to the restaurant overlooking the swimming pool at one end and a sweeping view of the forest all around.Vythiri Resort Wayand

 Hanging Bridge of Vythiri Resort Wayanad

6. Kanha Earth Lodge- Madhya Pradesh

Kanha Earth Lodge lies in 16 acres of natural forest, tucked away in a small tribal hamlet bordering Kanha’s buffer zone. The Lodge has won several Indian and International Awards for its high environmental standards.

The Roarrring Factor

The Kanha Earth Lodge offers 12 open-fronted, luxury bungalows with en-suite bathrooms and large verandahs that adhere to high standards of green architecture through their use of recycled, waste wood and local stone in all aspects of construction and furniture design. Bird walks, nature trails and cycling are conducted on request by the lodge naturalists in the forests adjoining the lodge. Experience an amazing safari conducted twice a day, this is the best way to experience Kanha’s wildlife and wild habitats.Kanha Earth Lodge

 Kanha Earth Lodge

7. Sher-Bagh - Ranthambore

Sher Bagh is a pioneering, luxury tented camp neighboring the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. Its 12 hand-stitched canvas tents reflect the style of the 1920’s and arouse nostalgic evocations of life on safari during the heyday of the Raj.

The Roarrring Factor

Surrounded by acres of wild grasses and under the dome of a starlit sky you can eat off traditional thaali’s while engaging in the jungle gossip. Meals can be arranged in the secluded areas of the Camp for those looking to spend a more private evening by themselves. You can expect to receive the most detailed introduction to the history of Ranthambhore, its wildlife and the ongoing conservation effort which helps to preserve India’s tigers and all that thrives under the umbrella of this apex and iconic species. You can also indulge in its jungle spa which lies under the canopy of an ancient Peepal tree providing it seclusion and privacy amidst the sonorous melody of birdsong. Sher Bagh Ranthambore

 Sher Bagh Ranthambore

 8.  Kings Lodge-Bandhavgarh

Kings lodge is nestled between 2 Sal forested hills of Bandhavgarh National Park in a large natural forested estate of 14 hectares in Rancha village. The lodge is in the heart of the wild country and only ten minutes drive from the Tala gate of the national park.

The Roarrring Factor

The Bandhavgarh lodge has 10 cottage rooms and 8 stilt cottage rooms with en-suite modern bathrooms spread across a natural forest offering great ambiance and privacy. Enjoy the Bandhavgarh Jungle Safaris or opt for cycling and walking in the wilderness. Village visits, bird walks and picnics at water bodies are regularly organized making your stay even more splendid and enjoyable.Kings Lodge Bandhavgarh

 Kings Lodge Bandhavgarh


 9. Orange Country-Kabini

Orange County’s Spirit of the land philosophy finds its most intimate expression at Kabini, where you are drawn into the vibrant social tapestry of the local Kadu Kuruba tribe. While you discover a vernacular dimension to luxury that’s truly liberating, the resort gives you a wildlife experience like no other. Inspired in design by the Hadis or tribal villages, this picturesque resort of sweeping panoramic vistas, is bordered on two sides by the Kabini River.

The Roarrring Factor

The resort architecture that has a tribal Kadu Kuruba leitmotif, where each of the guest huts bespeaks a happy marriage of traditional craft and modern luxury. From the outside, the dwellings subtly incorporate the colors and textures of the landscape in every detail; while within, the sumptuous interiors reflect a warm vernacular sensitivity. At Orange County, Kabini, you get closer to the spirit of the land with a platter full of activities that you can enjoy in the wilderness of Kabini.  Orange County Kabini

 Orange County Kabini

 10. The Blackbuck Lodge-Bhavnagar

The Blackbuck Lodge sits in splendid seclusion along the Velavadar Blackbuck National Park, near the west coast of Gulf of Cambay. This wildlife resort offers unsurpassed luxury in the middle of an untamed landscape. In this majestic tapestry of the wild, the Blackbuck Lodge spread across 70 acres becomes an ideal destination for the discerning traveler with its luxury villas, exclusive dining area, proximity to the Velavadar National Park and historic places of Gujarat, the indigenous wildlife, and rich birdlife.

The Roarrring Factor

With 14 air-conditioned cottages, the wildlife resort wins you over with its attention to minimalistic chic interiors and stylish architecture. You’ll be inspired by the magnificence of this secluded setting that’s perfect for family reunions and vacations and weekend getaways. It is a great place for those who want to revel in the region’s breathtaking beauty. The walk to the restaurant from your cottage, through the lush natural grasslands of the region, is a unique experience in itself. Built from local materials, the restaurant offers scenic views from its large windows. After a day of activity or relaxation, enjoy gourmet comfort food in the lodge’s dining area overlooking the water body, near the restaurant. 

Blackbuck Lodge Bhavnagar

 Blackbuck Lodge Bhavnagar

Pamper yourself with a pinch of adventure in these unique resorts in India.
For families, this is a perfect getaway. Along with a jungle safari, this will be a complete wildlife luxury holiday. Kids will have some beautiful memories to carry around with them for a lifetime. So try not to miss out on this one.